Jan 7, 2010

By Hary on January 8th,2010
STAR "Harry Potter", Emma Watson became the icon back dipinang top brand Burberry. However, to campaign for Burberry ads Spring / Summer 2010, the star was shining career that took her sister go with her. Metal Tiger in this year, she increasingly showed kekompakannya with his brother Alex Watson on the international world. To support her career to skyrocket like herself, Emma melakoni photocall with her sister who is now just turned 17 years old. So according to the news from The Sun, Thursday (7/1/2010). In addition to posing with her sister, she also appeared with three other British men. Sweet smile from her lips curved thin film starring Hermione in "Harry Potter" was. At that time, her management style in her hot pants. While his brother, Alex, looks cool with a style typical of London teens in general. On the other pose, she looks gorgeous, accompanied by two men, the son of personnel Pink Floyd David Gilmour, Matt Gilmour, and musicians George Craig. She also posed with another male model, the grandson of the British politician Douglas Hurd, Max Hurd. Thanks to the cold hands of fashion photographer Mario Testino, the Emma poses with his brother and several other male model looks very interesting. In overall photocall, she looked elegant and more mature. He appeared in various collections of Burberry, ranging from handbags, wallets, to coat. In the second photocall for the brand top of this, she comes with a display of three collections of Burberry, the Burberry Prorsum, Burberry London and Burberry Brit.
Best Robert Pattinson, Russell Brand WorstThe Twilight Stars are top of the top best-dressed man. Robert managed menggunguli British Boy band Take That consisting of Gary Barlow, Mark Owen, Howard Donald and Jason Orange are in second place. While Arctic Monkeys star Alex Turner is ranked third.Achievement was granted to Robert. In addition to performing with gayak often smartly dressed and charming, in 2009 and was a successful year. Recorded in the film starring, Twilight and The Twilight Saga: New Moon in the ranks of the world's best-selling movies. Automatic success made in the ranks of world famous actor.Apparently, this 2010 year will also continue to be his. The reason is, the sequel to The Twilight Eclipse will release still starring in the movie world.What Robert did not get acquired three other famous men, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Russell Brand and French President Nicolas Sarkozy. The reason, the three men was selected as the worst dressed 2009.
Kim Kardashian
By Hary on January 6th,2010
Perfume Release Kim Kardashian never make a scene when expressing plan coverage will release perfume line labeled him, in 2009. Now, a big question mark on the perfume unfold. She began introducing her fragrances ad campaign. Right on Tuesday, (5/1/2010), the star of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" was finally introduced a perfume ad campaign collaboration with Lighthouse Beauty labeled 'Kim Kardashian The Voluptuous New Fragrance'. To characterize his sensual aromatic fragrance, Kim wearing retro lingerie and a big crane coat. In the ad, Kim is in a circular swing which represents the perfume bottle. In that action, so Kim posing sensual sexual appeal emanated. So news of the People, Wednesday (6/1/2010). Fragrance is a mixture of several scent choices together to reflect his personality. Aromatic fresh juice taken from jasmine, rose root, gardenia, dried beans, and sandalwood, the women raised more gentle. By realizing that his name perfume labeled, Kim met master perfume maker Claude Givaudan perfume company. They discussed about the type of the desired fragrance Kim. Although Kim has completed an ad campaign for the perfume, you can not have a fragrance that. Because the perfume that will dibanderol the price range of USD16 for a 33 ml-Rollerball and USD65 for a 3.4 ml of it, just be marketed exclusively at Sephora online store in February next.

Jan 6, 2010


by Hary on January 5th, 2010

MOUNTAIN VIEW - Google will not ever play games with each of the launch strategy. To melesatkan market position in mobile Internet, Google's incentive to introduce mobile phone besutannya and sell them directly to consumers. Touch-screen phone called the Nexus One is a marker courage Google steps outside the internet, the main land that has long digelutinya. Nexus One characterizes the first time the company turns 11 this year sales of electronic devices under a brand that is well known. Google certainly has Nexus One ship exclusively through his official online store. The phone is dibanderol for USD179 or Rp1, 6 million with a two-year contract from the operator T-Mobile USA or USD529 or Rp4, 9 million without a contract. This means, Google has joined with 20 other Android phones that have been flushing in almost all the world, both from HTC, Motorola and other brands. Analysts predict mobile phone with sleek design that can be very profitable for Google. Nothing yet, Google's announcement was the latest strategy of increasing its stake in the business of the new smart phones entered two years ago. As is known, Google previously had been into this business by developing Android software for smart phones that dibesut other companies. Nexus One whose design is the result of collaboration with manufacturers HTC Hardwar, allowing Google to compete with Apple's iPhone and RIM Blackberry. "Google's decision to sell his own brand of mobile phones enabled with more focus and control your device software experience, because they realize they're competing with famous players such as Apple," said analyst Michael Gartenberg Interpret as quoted by Reuters on Wednesday (6/1/2010). Google Executive divulge, in the spring will expand Google's mobile marketing with other operators, namely marketing for Verizon Wireless in the U.S. and Vodafone for marketing in Europe

Jan 4, 2010

Newest Model Artist Hollywood Hair

by Hary on January 5th, 2010

Entering the year 2010, fashion and Hollywood celebrity hair style also changed. Christina Aguilera, Nicole Richie, and Rihanna managed to steal the public's attention with the latest hairstyles.

Christina Aguilera, for example, make changes in early 2010 with his hair cut shorter. Jordan Bratman wife appearances this looks much different from the previous image as an actress length blond curls nan. As a result, singer "What A Girl Want's" is much more fresh in style short bob haircut straight. According to the news that was launched Justjaredbuzznet, Monday (4/1/2010), Christina Aguilera showing off a new hair style while celebrating the New Year at Tao Nightclub, Las Vegas, United States, (31/12) and. Christina looked stunning dressed in black Maschino collection plus accessories Stephen Webster jewelry. Enchantment of the famous singer in the era of the 1990s is reflected up with makeup makeup mainstay colors red lips and expressive eyes. In the same place, a beautiful actress Nicole Richie is also to be different and brought the brunette hair color. Mother of two children look beautiful with a brown dress with accents graded "bling-bling" gold. By exposing the ponies, and makeup minimalist, James Sparrow's mother Midnight Madden looks glamorous.

Another with R & B singer, Rihanna. He appeared with short hair curly golden brown color. Riri-Rihanna addressed so common in 2010 was greeted with a short hair style like a man. Uniquely, Riri's hair styled as thick at the top, so quick like tassel. Hair styles recorded Riri most camera brand while he waited for the next flight in Los Angeles, United States, Sunday (3 / 1) yesterday. At that time, former boyfriend Chris Brown was megenakan dress blue beach motif. Blue bra covered white sweater and pants made materials Riri more casual appearance. However, he also did not forget to add a "girly" with pink nail polish. To maximize performance, Riri wearing strappy wedges and a pair of sunglasses with light blue color throughout the frame.

Fashion Trends 2010 Self Referring to the Character

by Hary on January 4th,2010

Some welcome the 2010 fashion event is already held by the designer or designers Indonesia. Some of them began to explore Signs of the Times or the signs of the present time in the development of human culture. Particularly in 2010, details such as bling-bling swarovzky and sequins on clothing consumption decreases. "Clothing that there will be more simple. It may also have something to do with global crisis happens. And this looks at the carpet Fashion Tendance West Java in 2010 some time ago, when 15 designers APPMI West Java, summarizes the formulation of 2010 fashion trends. Is Rebecca Ing, Iva Latifah, Eddie P Chandra, Susan Chuang, Herman Nuary, Jenni J. Tedjasukmana, Malik Moestaram, Irna Pearl, Harry Lam, Haukur Siswanto, Henny Noer, Rudi Liem, Harry Ibrahim, Nuniek Mawardi, and cousin.

The designer's fashion and architecture to reconcile the creative process. Architectural elements, such as geometric, shape, volume, and curving, the same elements in fashion, presented in cutting, color, detail, and materials. 2010 fashion trends landing was not separated from the 'read' the designers of a tendency to be booming trend in the coming year. But, still carrying the design characteristics of each. As performed by Haukur Siswanto Ferocious Beauty in design that takes inspiration early women of the 20th century, Mata Hari, who combines beauty and sexiness with strength and firmness. The work embodied in a variety of materials mixing fashion and technique, one of foiling. Black, burnish gold, and Cooper appeared with a touch of natural color range in motifs and other materials. Detail and ornament that used a combination of eyelets, embroidery, vintage beads & studs, and prints. While Eddy P Chandra defining theme of Day & Night as a compound day and night. Two contradictory things can produce beauty. The theme is applied in color, technique, good construction, and details that are not excessive but a charming touch. This 62-old designer to play with a lot of red, black, gold, and silver.

Unlike Susan Zhuang who took inspiration era of the 20-Techno theme Glam Fling. Susan designed the puffed-mini skirts with various dimensions of the shoulder. Colors used, including electric blue and silver-gray with Beading detail, stones, and crystals. Apart from the expression of each design expressed in the fashion, there is a consensus of the fashion trends designers next year. All agreed more emphasis on the elements of the character himself. Everything is seen from the start bermunculannya certain trends. Like:

1. Hit motive

Do not be afraid of freeing the imagination to mix and match a variety of motives clothing. Blouse striped over a floral skirt, or shirt plaid patterned with animal print scarves, fine levied this season.

2. Clogs

Clogs clog or back in is not just for hippies. Boho-style footwear is transformed into more chic appearance by Karl Lagerfeld, Celine's Phoebe Philo, and Louis Vuitton.

3. Red lips

Lips bright red little more back and forth on the runway for some time. Sexy and bold colors that swept sweet in lipstick on the lips outward appearance models until Bottega Veneta Dior.

4. Designer jeans

Broken-in jeans, a very hip lately. Look at the collection of Ralph Lauren, D & G, and Stella McCartney to revive the atmosphere of the 1980s into the world of fashion. In addition, acid wash began to reappear.

5. Nautical stripes

Clothing with classic lines of blue and white collection should be made next year. Do not hesitate to choose the combination of other colors like red, green, or black.

6. Copper

The designers not only displays a bronze sheen for spring, but also present in autumn hues of nail polish outward appearance.

7. Floral

Motif back garden blossomed this season, with various patterns of flowers that bloom. Add floral designs on your wardrobe to make it more bright cheerful.

8. Pastel eyes

Shades of the 1980s also affected the makeup trends. Colors such as Icy blue, purple and other shades of sorbet of choice for next season

Lindsay Lohan Ready to Expand 6126 Clothing Line
by Hary on January 4th, 2010

Previously, Lindsay Lohan had sharp criticism when he didapuk asEmanuel Ungaro artistic advisor at the Paris Fashion Week, in October 2009. But, the criticism was made Lindsay Lohan menginstropeksi himself.Through twitter account, 23-year-old woman was trying to promote a fashion label earlier had called a modern and contemporary styles."I need more follower, how do I tell everyone about the complete 6126 collection will be launched soon!" said to 250.000 follower.The plan, the collection will be released mid-2010 with a price range $95 and 1, 4 million. Not only a complete fashion label, ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama will also launch cosmetics, bags, shoes and jewelry, in 2011."We were successful with a collection of leggings, and has worked very well with Neiman Marcus and hundreds of other stores," said Kristi Taylor 6126 representatives as quoted from femalefisrt